Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Library news

FoSL have received some ideas for refurbishing and rearranging Sawston Library; the suggestion is that the children's section (with train) would move to the back room, occupying the window half of the room. Good points for the children are that we could get some mobile low shelves (at present, some have to stand on a kick stool to reach Allan Ahlberg et al), there'd be more space for families to sit and share books and for the children to have a table, and that noisy children would be further away from the computer users and also the door. It would mean we'd have a more flexible space for children's events (such as the forthcoming Storytime) or meet the author events. Adult non-fiction and local studies would be combined, which makes sense. Bad points are that the adults' section would be divided, with Crime and Adventure where the children's area currently is, and other fiction on three new mobile units in the back room. FoSL are a bit concerned that the lighting in the back room might not be good enough for this, so we've arranged the fitting of new tube lights, and those things to twiddle blind cords round so that the blinds can go up without risk of strangling anyone. The adult table would be where the train is now; FoSL wonder if that might be a nuisance for non-fiction users, although with mobile shelving things could change around easily. Some of the problem is that, we are told, most of the beautiful shelving in the first room of the library is listed; perhaps some readers know more about this?
FoSL would have to raise all the money for any refurbishment. What do you think? Please do have a look at our display and fill in a questionnaire at the library! Library opening hours are in the directory.
In other news, we've heard that the Community Hub idea is still chuntering on; Katja Nielsen from the CCC team looking at Community Hubs told FoSL that “the library service (and their customers) are playing an important part in this project and we are aware of their needs and their agenda. What we need to do is make sure the needs of other customers (especially the elderly residents and children) are also served. It's not an easy balance”. So, the library lives another day!
We raised £100 at our Book and Bake sale at the Jubilee Fete; many thanks to those who bought, baked, helped, and filled in our questionnaire. It was lovely to meet so many people enthusiastic about our rather lovely library.
It's free to be a FoSL; just contact us on info@sawstonlibrary.org.uk or 690512 to join our mailing list.
Yasmin Emerson

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