Wednesday, 12 November 2014

New Library Plans

Cambridgeshire County Council have applied for an extension of their planning permission for the temporary library.

 You can view the application here:

The most interesting document is the Development Statement:

which contains nuggets such as:

"A NEW LIBRARY – plans for replacement
Cambridgeshire County Council has allocated £1.25 million of funding to build a new community hub and library for Sawston; the preferred location has been identified next to the Marven Centre. Borras Construction were awarded the design and build contract in August 2014.
The building brief comprises an accessible and energy - efficient community hub that will facilitate flexible spaces (circa 350m2) providing key services to the community, including library services and early preventative services for children, young people and families. It is envisaged that with sufficient flexibility in the design of the building, hireable space can be created to service the community"

"Whilst Cambridgeshire County Council has made every effort to secure the land and funding for the new community hub, this process has taken longer than anticipated. With the contractors now engaged, the initial project plans suggest June 2016 for delivery of the new building."

The previous planning application was for two years, so this application is to request that the same arrangement can continue - it sounds as though they're hoping to have some overlap with the new building. 

We'll be discussing this at the AGM next week (Tue 18th, 7.30pm), so come along and find out more.

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