Thursday, 7 May 2015

Committee meeting - and a reminder

 The minutes of the FoSL Committee meeting which was held on Tuesday 5 May are now available here.  Among other things, the Committee discussed library events past and future, all the details are in the minutes.

Also, a very important reminder from Yasmin: please do fill in the Library Service Review survey by 10 May.  If you haven't yet filled it in, and don't have time to go through the big document, the impression I've received from our County Councillors is that the *first* question is the important one:
"What do you value about the library service?".
No doubt you'll have your own thoughts. It's a pretty big question. The answer I put, on behalf of FoSL, was:
"Access: to a huge variety of high quality books, to internet, to someone who can help with bus pass applications etc, to storytime sessions, to the Summer Reading Challenge, to computer buddies, to leaflets and information on our local area, to computers, to safe, comforting and comfortable spaces for all ages."

I've read other answers which verged on essays; it's your chance to say what you think. If you don't have time to answer the rest of the survey, please do at least fill in that first important question.

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