Monday, 25 February 2013

Library re-opens!

Work to install a new temporary building is now complete and Sawston Library will re-open to the public on Wednesday 6 March.

The new library is on the grass in front of Sawston Village College's Arts Centre, off New Road. There will be an official launch of the new temporary building on Saturday 16 March.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Shop at Waitrose in March and support FOSL!

The Friends of Sawston Library has been chosen as one of the three 'Community Matters' charities for the month of March.  Please help to support us when you are shopping!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Minutes of open meeting 6th Feb

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting last Wednesday, thanks also to those of you who couldn't make it but offered to help set up the temporary library.  Here are the notes I made at the meeting so everyone knows what stage we're at!

Marjorie Smith began by telling us about the layout of the temporary library (please see the plan below) which will consist of 5 bays.  They will begin digging to install the pipes during half term.  There will be a ramp up to the front door and several car parking spaces.  The space will utilise mostly existing spare shelves to save insurance money for the new building.  The books will be mostly new but book donations would also be welcome.  If you have any books you would like to donate these can be taken to the mobile library but you must make sure that they are all clearly labelled as "Sawston - Donations from FOSL".  We are particularly interested in books about the history of Sawston as so many of these were lost in the fire.  Anything not used in the library could be sold at a FoSL book sale to raise funds. There is a policy on donations which is copied below.

The last day the mobile library will be available is 26th February.

Marjorie also mentioned that there will be some small changes to the opening hours at the temporary library as the lunch-time slots were not used much. The proposal for the new hours is:

Monday 2 - 6
Tuesday 3 - 7
Wednesday 10 - 1
Thursday Closed
Friday 10 - 1 and 2 - 5
Saturday 10 - 1

The temporary library should be finished by 6th March and the official opening will be on Saturday 16th March.  It would be wonderful to make this a really exciting day and we had a few ideas:
  • Book illustration classes
  • treasure hunt
  • display of donated books
  • display of books that escaped the fire
  • story-time
  • reading by a local author
  • history society talk
  • talk about the online services that the library provides
  • refreshments to be provided by FoSL
We would love to hear your ideas and we would especially love it if any of you knew any local authors that would be prepared to help with this.  We could provide some of these events on the week leading up to this.

Thanks to so many of you who have offered to help set up the temporary library.  Unfortunately we are not going to be able to take you up on this as everyone who helped would need to undertake a manual handling course!

Thanks for everyone's help and enthusiasm so far, we don't have long to organise the opening week so would love to hear peoples ideas ASAP!

Cambridgeshire Libraries, Archives and Information
Stock donations policy
We accept donated materials on the understanding that they are subject to the same
selection criteria as apply to purchased stock.
We therefore reserve the right to decide on the most suitable location for donated stock
selected for retention and to dispose of materials not required or suitable for addition.
What donations are needed?
  • We need newly published fiction and new non-fiction titles in excellent condition, no more than two years old.
  • We need books by our most borrowed authors.
  • We are unable to add DVDs and CDs to stock, so donations are sold to raise money for the library service.
What happens to donated stock?
Suitable items are added to stock and distributed throughout the county.
Will my donations be added to the stock of my local library?
In most cases yes, but some stock will be located to other libraries within the county.
What happens to items which are not added to stock?
Books which are not added to stock will be sold to raise funds for the library service.
What do I do if I have a large number of donations?
Talk to a member of staff at your local library or email 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Open meeting - Wed 6th Feb

On Wednesday 6th this week it's our Open Meeting with Marjorie Smith, of Cambridgeshire Libraries, at the Free Church, 8pm.  Please do come along to hear about the temporary library; find out how it will be kitted out, ask questions, and find out if we can do anything to help.  If you have a question or would like to offer help but can't come to the meeting, please contact the FoSL secretary, Chrissie Mawson: 01223 690512 or

We'll be serving drinks and nibbles (at last, something to celebrate in library land!), so please do come along.  Please pass this message on to anyone who might be interested!  All welcome.

Sawston Libary Opening

Following our successful planning application for a temporary building at Sawston Village College we are planning to install the modular building during the February half-term week (weather permitting)  The new library will be sited on the grass in front of Sawston Village College’s Arts Centre, adjacent to New Road

Tuesday February 26th  - the last visit of the mobile library to Sawston

Wednesday March 6th  - we open our new doors for the first time 

Changes to opening hours 

Moving into the new library gives us the opportunity to carry out a minor review of the opening hours.  Following comments from customers and analysis of library use during 2012, we propose that the library no longer opens between 1pm and 2 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Instead we will add an extra hour to the library sessions on Monday and Tuesday, both of which have proved to be busy.

Previous opening times:

Monday 2 - 5
Tuesday 4 - 7
Wednesday 10 - 5
Thursday Closed
Friday 10 - 5
Saturday 10 - 1

Proposed opening times:

Monday 2 - 6
Tuesday 3 - 7
Wednesday 10 - 1
Thursday Closed
Friday 10 - 1 and 2 - 5
Saturday 10 - 1

If you have any comments on this proposal please email 

or telephone the County Council Contact Centre 0345 045 5225 and ask for Marjorie Smith