Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Storytime for under fives at Sawston Library

10am to 10.30am on the 2nd Wednesday of each month during term time:

17th April (special session)
8th May
12th June
10th July

Rhymes, stories and fun - it's free!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Official opening - 16th March

The temporary library at SVC (on the grass in front of the Arts Centre / music block, on New Road) is nearly finished.  Library staff and others have been working hard to get it finished in a very short space of time; Sawston Village College have been exceptionally helpful. 

Wed 6 March - library opens, hours as below.

Sat 16 March 10.30am - official opening, complete with ribbon-cutting, a celebration cake and a treasure hunt (for adults and children) around the library.  Please come!  RSVP by 11th March to Dawn Coleman, 01223 703520.
Are you able to help with drinks or cakes? Please let Pat and Chrissie know if so.  The library staff have made sure there's space for your donated to books, so do bring those along.  

Sawston Library opening hours from 6 March:
Mon 2pm - 6pm
Tue 3pm - 7pm
Wed 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm
Thu Closed
Fri 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm
Sat 10am - 1pm

County Friends Annual Meeting - 25 April

We have received the following invitation to the annual Library Friends meeting to be held on Thursday 25 April.  Two FoSL attended last year and found this very interesting.  I'd like to go; let me know if you'd like to come too, and we can arrange car sharing. 


County Friends Annual Meeting

Dear All
Please reserve this date: 25th April 9.30-12.30, for the annual Library
Friends meeting. We have booked the Gamlingay Eco Hub for this meeting
as we've all heard a lot about the success of this award winning
building and I am looking forward to seeing it - so I thought you would
be interested too.
Do look at the website www.eco-hub.info
The postcode is SG19 3JR

The room will hold 50 so we will need to limit numbers please, we have
17 Friends Groups so if we ask for 2-3  from each group please, allowing
for some not able to attend as it is too far or during the day, and we
have around 5 staff who wish to attend too.

Our Head of Service, Christine May, will give an update on current
pressures and plans. Do let me have any other agenda items please I
already have joint  income generation and promotion and staff attendance
at meetings, but most importantly we want to showcase the achievements
of the Friends themselves. So please do bring examples of posters for
events or let me have them in advance so we can have a display table (I
have a fabulous Friends of Rock Road Library mug for example that I will
bring just in case they can't bring one themselves.) We will build in
plenty of networking time as I know you find the most valuable part
being able to talk to each other about ideas and we will have
RichardYoung, James Nicol, Ed Strangeways,Sue Williamson and myself all
on hand to listen to ideas and views.

With best wishes