Monday, 10 December 2012

Community Hub Presentation - Tue 11th December

There will be a discussion and presentation about a possible Sawston Community Hub at the next Full Parish Council Meeting - this evening (Tue 11 December), 7.15pm at the Parish Council office in Link Road.  Please do come, and pass the message on.

Mobile Library Opening Hours in December

These are the mobile library opening hours in Sawston for the rest of December:

Tue 11  11.25am-12.25pm Chaplefield Way
1.15-1.45pm Green Road
1.55-2.25pm Uffen Way
5-7pm Mill Lane
Tue 18  5-7pm Mill Lane
Sat 22  11am-1pm Mill Lane

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Update on new facilities

Many thanks to those who wrote to our County Councillors to request continued library provision in Sawston.  I hope you've seen from my report in the Sawston Scene that the library will, most probably, move to a temporary site at the Village College.  There are plans being drawn up for a few connected mobile units (including a loo!) on the D-shaped grassy area at the front of the college, where the coaches turn around.  This isn't completely certain yet, as of course the County Council will need to apply for planning permission.  I'd guess it might all be ready around the end of February absolute earliest.  Thank goodness things are happening - it won't be ideal, but it's an awful lot better than nothing.
We've heard from the library service that, once the temporary library is set up, they'd be happy to receive decent donations - although their insurance company will pay for new stock, of course, so anything we can add would be extra.  Marjorie Smith from Cambridgeshire Libraries sounded more keen on volunteers helping with unpacking and shelving - hopefully we'll be able to take you up on your offers of help, at last!

So, presuming the temporary library happens, the obvious question is - what next?  The options are:
1.  Stay in the temporary buildings.  This is actually quite expensive, not to mention filled with the delight of being in a mobile unit; the insurers will pay for 3 years, then CCC would have to pay the hire company for hire of the units.  Not ideal.

2.  Move back to the original site.  SVC are rebuilding the wing and planning what they would like to do with that end of the building, but have been very clear that the space belongs to the County Council for the library unless the library finds a new home.  This option isn't ideal; while it has been a lovely library, we'd end up with all the previous disadvantages (insufficient space, no loos, poor parking, non-central location leading to poor user numbers) without the previous advantage of the historic interior.  

3.  A Community Hub is built for Sawston.  I mentioned this previously; in short, the County Council have a pot of money available for building hubs, and Sawston looks like a prime candidate.  Ideally, it would house the library, the Children's Centre, the Locality Team (who deal with things like family support issues) and anything else relevant - sport changing rooms, say, or space for outreach youth work.  The Children's Centre need more space; the Locality Team are currently housed at SVC and need more (and different) space; the library doesn't have anywhere.  So it does rather seem obvious to combine the lot, and seeing as we don't actually have a library at all at the moment, it sounds as though Sawston stands a pretty good chance of putting in a successful bid.  CCC's contribution would probably cover the capital building costs, but I think they'd be obliged to maintain it because it would house their services.  
It sounds like a really great project, and could be just the thing this village needs to bring people together.  I'm certainly very excited by it!
But it would need a site, ideally as central as possible.  
All the commercial units have been investigated by CCC, to no avail.  The education people have said quite clearly that there's no space on the Bellbird site.  The former John Falkner/Bellbird Lower site has been discussed at length - the owners have their own plans and community use isn't one of them; it's obviously completely out of the running and not worth the energy of discussing.  It's been suggested that there might be space over the road, at Mill Lane recreation ground; the project could even incorporate new pavillion facilities.  Personally, I think this sounds pretty good - it's a big big space, and there'd surely be space for a building as well as the playground and the football pitch.  I also think that this project, which seems to have a reasonable chance of success, would be of *huge* benefit to local people.  And, as a lowly mum, I'd be delighted to have the library permanently at Mill Lane - hasn't it been great having the playground next to the mobile library?  But that's just my opinion; the land is owned by Sawston Parish Council, and it's up to them whether they'd be interested in allowing the County Council to build the hub.  

I know which of the three options I'd choose!  Oh for a crystal ball...  

There may be a presentation about the community hub at the next Full Parish Council meeting, on 11 Dec at 7.15pm - anyone can attend.  If this makes it on to the Parish Council agenda, I will let you know - but for now, do save the date just in case!

One last thing: could you let me know how you've got on with the location of the mobile library in Mill Lane?  Better, worse, about the same as before?  It would be interesting to know!  

As always, do pass this on to anyone who might be interested and tell them to message me to join the mailing list!


Chair of Friends of Sawston Library

Mobile library hours for December

Mon 3 11am-5pm Mill Lane
Tue 4 5pm-7pm Mill Lane
Mon 10 Dec 11am-5pm Mill Lane
Tue 11 Dec 11.25-12.25 Chaplefield Way
1.15-1.45pm Green Road
1.55-2.25pm Uffen Way
5-7pm Mill Lane
Tue 18 5-7pm Mill Lane
Sat 22 11am-1pm Mill Lane

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Storytime - 12 December

10am to 10.30am in Seedlings Children's Centre, Sawston, on Wed 12 December. Stories, songs, rhymes and craft for under fives; free, no need to book.  Places limited due to space restrictions; first come, first served!  Contact Cambridgeshire Libraries: 0345 045 5225 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas and New Year opening

All libraries in Cambridgeshire, except Central Library, will be closed from 1.00pm on Monday 24 December (unless scheduled to close earlier) until Wednesday 2 January 2013, when normal service will resume.

Cambridge Central Library is closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

All opening times for libraries, Library Access Points and the mobile library service over the Christmas and New Year period will be available soon.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Evening mobile library: use it or lose it

The mobile library is at Mill Lane Rec on Mondays from 11am to 5pm and Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm.  The Tuesday evening slot was arranged to mirror the late night that we had in the library, as requested by users.  However, this has not been very well used in the last couple of weeks, and if we don't use it Cambridgeshire Libraries will unfortunately have to stop this particular part of the service.  Please do visit the mobile library in Mill Lane if you can.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Storytime - 10 October & 13 November

10am to 10.30am in Seedlings Children's Centre, Sawston, on Wed 10 October and Wed 13 November. Stories, songs, rhymes and craft for under fives; free, no need to book.  Places limited due to space restrictions; first come, first served!  Contact Cambridgeshire Libraries: 0345 045 5225 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Temporary Sawston Libary Meeting

A few of us met last Friday to walk along the High Street and choose our top spot for a temporary Sawston Library.  We've arranged a meeting to discuss this with our County Councillors and the head of Cambridgeshire Libraries on Thursday 27 September, 7pm at the John Huntingdon Charity office on Tannery Road; would you like to come?  
As the JHC meeting room isn't huge, please let me know if you're interested in coming.  

Happily, everything sounds quite positive; both the County Council and Cambridgeshire Libraries appear keen on the idea of renting a unit for a temporary library on the High Street.  I hope the meeting will just be a case of everyone agreeing that it's a good idea, and a chance for FoSL to offer local opinion on what would be the best option.

There is a link to a summary of the High Street walkabout last Friday above. We decided the old Oliver's card shop would be our first choice, followed by the old Bradshaws near the bakery, then Charlie's, then the old Natwest next to the Cambridge Building Society.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Story Lab

The Children's Team at Cambridgeshire Libraries is making arrangements with local schools to distribute certificates and medals to those children who took part in the Story Lab Summer reading challenge through Sawston library.  If your child took part, you should hear more through your school, pre-school or playgroup soon.  You can also contact Anne Worthington directly for more information.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mobile Library

With the kind help of the Parish Council, the Library Service has arranged for a temporary mobile service to be put in place in Sawston from Monday. From Monday, September 10th, it will be parked on hard standing in Mill Lane by the recreation field:

  • Monday,  11am-5pm
  • Tuesday,  5pm-7pm

This will be in addition to the monthly mobile service that also calls on the second Tuesday of every month. The next visits of the Route C9 service will be on Tuesday 9 October as follows:
  • Chaplefield Way  11.25am-12.25pm
  • Green Road           1.15pm-1.45pm
  • Uffen Way               1.55pm- 2.25pm

To help residents, all loans that were taken out from Sawston have been automatically extended by three weeks.

We are hoping to run the Storytime session (for 0-4 years) on the 10th October, possibly at the Children's Centre, but please contact us if you can offer a suitable alternative venue.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Library fire

It is with immense sadness that I write to say our beautiful Sawston Library has been completely destroyed by a fire this afternoon, Thursday 6 September.  The library was closed at the time, and I understand that all students and staff of Sawston Village College evacuated safely.  The Library Service and Cambridgeshire County Council are working out what best to do next. There will be more information on Cambridgeshire County Council's website:  and I enclose Great Shelford library's opening hours and also the mobile library times for Sawston below.

The library is now closed until further notice, and the summer reading challenge presentation and book sale planned for Saturday cancelled.
Yasmin Emerson
Chair of Friends of Sawston Library

Great Shelford library's opening hours are:
Monday 4-7pm
Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-1pm
Thursday closed
Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-1pm

Sawston's mobile library is the C9 and visits on the second Tuesday of the month.  The present timetable is:
Babraham High Street 10-10.45am
Pampisford Church 10.55-11.15am
Sawston Chaplefield Way 11.25am-12.25pm
Green Road 1.15-1.45pm
Uffen Way 1.55-2.25pm

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Book Sale 8th September

8th September, 10am-1pm at the Library: Friends of Sawston Library Book Sale. Come and pick up a bargain and see the medals awarded for the Story Lab Summer Reading Challenge. Donations of nearly new books welcomed - please drop off at the library before 8th September.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sorcer Mobile

Cambridgeshire Libraries are pleased to announce the release of Sorcer Mobile so that you can check your library account anywhere and at any time.
With Sorcer Mobile you can see at a glance your current loans, reservations, your borrowing history and any outstanding charges. Renewing items on loan to you couldn't be easier!

Sorcer Mobile is free to download from both iTunes and Android App stores.

Story Lab - 2012 Summer Reading Challenge

All libraries in Cambridgeshire will be hosting the Story Lab Reading Challenge this summer. The Reading Challenge aims to keep children reading during the summer holidays and every child who reads six books or more will receive a certificate and medal at special presentation ceremonies in September.  

When children sign up, they will receive their own 3D model laboratory where they can keep track of their reading progress. As they read, they collect stickers (some with "scratch and sniff" panels) to give them a real sense of achievement as they work their way through the bronze, silver and gold stages. Many libraries will have "Reading buddies" on hand to help and encourage children and there will be a range of exciting supporting activities.

Children can sign up for free at their local library from Monday 16 July, and last year over 6,500 Cambridgeshire children took part. See for more activities.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Storytime - second Wednesday

Sawston Library will have a new Storytime session on the second Wednesday of every month, 10–10.30am, term time only. No need to book; parents or carers and children aged up to 4 years are all very welcome to drop in for a few stories, a couple of songs or rhymes, and hopefully a craft activity. Chrissie and I will be running a trial session on 8 August 10–10.30am; older siblings welcome. For more information, contact

Library news

FoSL have received some ideas for refurbishing and rearranging Sawston Library; the suggestion is that the children's section (with train) would move to the back room, occupying the window half of the room. Good points for the children are that we could get some mobile low shelves (at present, some have to stand on a kick stool to reach Allan Ahlberg et al), there'd be more space for families to sit and share books and for the children to have a table, and that noisy children would be further away from the computer users and also the door. It would mean we'd have a more flexible space for children's events (such as the forthcoming Storytime) or meet the author events. Adult non-fiction and local studies would be combined, which makes sense. Bad points are that the adults' section would be divided, with Crime and Adventure where the children's area currently is, and other fiction on three new mobile units in the back room. FoSL are a bit concerned that the lighting in the back room might not be good enough for this, so we've arranged the fitting of new tube lights, and those things to twiddle blind cords round so that the blinds can go up without risk of strangling anyone. The adult table would be where the train is now; FoSL wonder if that might be a nuisance for non-fiction users, although with mobile shelving things could change around easily. Some of the problem is that, we are told, most of the beautiful shelving in the first room of the library is listed; perhaps some readers know more about this?
FoSL would have to raise all the money for any refurbishment. What do you think? Please do have a look at our display and fill in a questionnaire at the library! Library opening hours are in the directory.
In other news, we've heard that the Community Hub idea is still chuntering on; Katja Nielsen from the CCC team looking at Community Hubs told FoSL that “the library service (and their customers) are playing an important part in this project and we are aware of their needs and their agenda. What we need to do is make sure the needs of other customers (especially the elderly residents and children) are also served. It's not an easy balance”. So, the library lives another day!
We raised £100 at our Book and Bake sale at the Jubilee Fete; many thanks to those who bought, baked, helped, and filled in our questionnaire. It was lovely to meet so many people enthusiastic about our rather lovely library.
It's free to be a FoSL; just contact us on or 690512 to join our mailing list.
Yasmin Emerson

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sawston Jubilee Fete

Thanks to everyone who visited us at the Jubilee Fete on Tuesday.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Book & Bake Sale 5th June

FoSL is having a Book and Bake Sale at the Jubilee Fete on Tuesday 5 June at 1pm, on Spicers Field (off New Road/Babraham Road).  Books or baking would be much appreciated! Please bring them along on the day, or let me know if I can collect for you.  Offers of help on the day would be gratefully received too - just turn up on the day, or let me and Pat know.  We'll be there from 12.15.  
We'll also have a display of refurbishment ideas, including a Lego Library! 

Sawston Library Refurbishment Ideas

Thanks to those of you who attended our recent Open Meeting and the follow up meeting.  You may remember that we contacted the Library Service to say that we'd like to refurbish the children's section - and they got very excited and presented us with a plan (see tab above).  It involves moving the children's section (including the teenage collection) to the window half of Room 2, partly on new lower mobile shelving.  The local history section would join non-fiction in the other half of Room 2, along with some adult fiction on new mobile units.  The rest of adult fiction (Crime and Adventure) would move to Room 1, and Talking Books would be united with Large Print near the computers.  The adult table currently in Room 2 would move to Room 1.  Cost is £4876.67 for the whole lot or £2250.91 for the things that seem necessary.

Those who attended the presentation had mixed feelings about the plan.  One big concern was that the lighting in Room 2 might not be up to the job, so I've arranged to get further advice on this issue (no doubt there'll be an extra cost there).  There are various pros and cons, so we'd be very grateful if you could have a look at the attached plans, have a good think, and return the questionnaire (see tab above).  Paper copies will be available at the library and we'll also be asking your opinion at the Jubilee Fete, where you'll be able to see our lego model of the refurbishment ideas.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Services unavailable

In preparation for the changeover to the new Library online system, the following services will not be available between 11 - 22 June 2012:
  • Telephone renewals
  • E-books or online information sources
  • Online catalogue, renewals and requests
This is unavoidable for technical reasons and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
All other services will continue as normal and customers will be able to borrow and return items in libraries.
The public computers and WiFi will remain available for existing members, but new members joining from 11th June will not be able to use these facilities until the new system goes live.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

from Cambridgeshire Libraries

If you go down to the library today you're in for a BIG surprise... the Bookstart Bear Club is here!

Each child who joins the Bookstart Bear Club bookstart bear clublibrary will receive a membership folder containing a Bookstart Bear Club Passport, a bookmark, a press out puppet sheet and a rhymesheet. Children then receive a paw stamp in their Bookstart Bear Club Passport every time they take part in Rhymetime, Storytime or borrow items. After six stamps they receive a reward certificate. There are ten reward certificates to collect, including an extra-special tenth gold certificate! The certificates can take pride of place on their nursery wall and be a lovely keepsake of their early visits to the library.

The club is available to join now. To take part your child must be 0-4 years old and have their own library membership card. Library membership is free and you can join them online or by visiting your local library. You can also do an online version of the Bookstart Bear Club with your child by posting book reviews, playing games and sharing stories together at home.

from Cambridgeshire Libraries

A new, improved Library System
Cambridgeshire County Council is installing a new, modern library system that will improve the library catalogue and provide you with a wider range of services, including a new Library App for mobile devices. The system has been funded by Improvement East and will pave the way for improved customer service.

To make sure the new system is installed successfully we will need to close libraries briefly, however during this time we'll be increasing book loan periods.

We will do our best to keep disruption to a minimum and most libraries will be shut for a single day or less. The closure will take place as follows:
  • Wednesday, 20 June 2012 - Libraries closed in City and South Cambs

This is unavoidable for technical reasons and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

All other services will continue as normal and customers will be able to borrow and return items in libraries, and use the PCs. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Meeting & Presentation 22nd May

The Friends of Sawston Library committee have arranged to meet on Tues 22 May, 7.30pm at the library, and we thought you might like to come along?

Dawn Nash of the Library Service will be coming to explain some suggested improvements to the library.  We asked them about renewing the children's section, and their furniture supplier visited and drew up diagrams for a large revamp.  We haven't seen the plans yet, but have the impression it's all on a larger scale than the small table and chairs we had in mind. Dawn is coming along to explain their ideas; should be interesting.  Do come along and offer your thoughts.  

Tony Orgee of the County Council is also coming, so we'll be able to hear any news from the County Council.  

We hope to see you on Tuesday.  Please let Chrissie and me know if you'd like to come, so that we can bring extra chairs if need be!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Linton Library Friends AGM

The Linton Library Friends have invited us to attend their AGM which will be held on Wednesday 2nd May at 7.30pm at the Cathodeon Centre, Horseheath Rd.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Agenda for Open Meeting 24th April

1.     Fundraising
2.     Events
3.     Volunteering
·      Doorstep Volunteers; contact Maggie Brown 07824 406103
·      Storytime; contact Anne Worthington on or 07786 126506
·      General volunteering for our events (e.g., book sales, putting up posters or delivering leaflets). Contact Chrissie on or 01223 690512
4.     Reading groups
5.     Membership fee
6.     AOB

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Open Meeting 24th April

24 April, 7.30pm at the Library: Friends of Sawston Library Open Meeting. Come along to tell the committee your ideas on improving the library space or give other suggestions for improving the library. Help to set the priorities for FoSL - tell us what you think is most important and where our fundraising efforts should be directed. Should we be fundraising for improvements to the children's section? Or working on improving signs to the site? Is getting the walls a new lick of paint important? Are there any events you'd like to see at the library? Or should we concentrate on figuring out how on earth we can get a toilet for users?! If you can't be at the meeting, but have a view on what the FoSL committee should be doing, do let us know!

Book Sale 14th April

14 April, 10am-1pm at the Library: Friends of Sawston Library Book Sale. Come and pick up a bargain! Refreshments available. Donations of nearly new books welcomed - please drop off at the library before 14 April.