Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sawston Library Refurbishment Ideas

Thanks to those of you who attended our recent Open Meeting and the follow up meeting.  You may remember that we contacted the Library Service to say that we'd like to refurbish the children's section - and they got very excited and presented us with a plan (see tab above).  It involves moving the children's section (including the teenage collection) to the window half of Room 2, partly on new lower mobile shelving.  The local history section would join non-fiction in the other half of Room 2, along with some adult fiction on new mobile units.  The rest of adult fiction (Crime and Adventure) would move to Room 1, and Talking Books would be united with Large Print near the computers.  The adult table currently in Room 2 would move to Room 1.  Cost is £4876.67 for the whole lot or £2250.91 for the things that seem necessary.

Those who attended the presentation had mixed feelings about the plan.  One big concern was that the lighting in Room 2 might not be up to the job, so I've arranged to get further advice on this issue (no doubt there'll be an extra cost there).  There are various pros and cons, so we'd be very grateful if you could have a look at the attached plans, have a good think, and return the questionnaire (see tab above).  Paper copies will be available at the library and we'll also be asking your opinion at the Jubilee Fete, where you'll be able to see our lego model of the refurbishment ideas.

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